Frank Gallagher Authentic Cigar Store Indians

One of the most famous Native American carvers of Cigar Store Indians was Samuel Gallagher. Samuel originally carved furniture for a store owner named Gallagher. Following the custom of Indian laborers of that era, Samuel took his employers name as his own. He began carving Cigar Store Indians in the 1840′s after most of his tribe, the Nan-Dan were wiped out by small pox. [Samuel has away at the time and was spared the dreaded disease] His great, great grandson Frank Gallagher is known to be one of approximately 12 true full blooded Man-Dan Indians still living. Frank, following in his ancestor’s footsteps, is a highly skilled artisan in his own right. His art?…the creation of Cigar Store Indians. One of the original Gallagher Wooden Indians is on display in the Smithsonian Institute.
The Gallaghers continue the art of carving as Samuel would want…the right way…by hand! Frank’s father Ralph has passed however his carvings today sell in the thousands of dollars, and Samuel’s are virtually priceless.

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