* Aspen Blend- A rich vanilla & cavendish blend
* Bonanza- Cool, aromatic blend of golden and toasted black cavendish
* Cherry Rum Hills- NO Bite blend of Cherry, Rum and Black Cavendish
* Estes Special- Golden Cavendish, Burleys, Dark Cavendish and a hint of Vanilla. Mild, Flavorful, Aromatic Blend
* Fox in the Flowers- Mild, Aromatic infusion of pineapple, and coconut in a golden Cavendish blend.
* Fox in the Bakery – Golden Cavendish and a blend of untreated tobaccos
*Lawman’s- Cordial Sweetness for a peaceful evening 4 different black cavendishes, sweet cavendish and a rich liquor
* Old Moses- bold, full-bodied English Blend of Latakia, Virginia and Burley.
* Ravencrest- Mild, aromatic Blend of rums, black cavendish and Golden Virginia
* Riverside- Aromatic blend of Mimosa (champagne and orange) and toasted cavendish citric sensation.
* Rocky Mountain Burley- Mild, rich, aromatic toasted cavendish and Burley light.
* Royal Wynbrier- Sweet, Mild, yet complex blend of chocolate, vanilla, carmel and brown sugar.
* Shadow Mountain- All day smoker of toasted cavendish, Golden Virginia and selected Burley’s. Mild to Medium

* Strawberry Trail- Mild, no bite. Almond Liquor blend mixed with black cavendish.
* Sharpshooter Blend- A cousin blend to Fox in the Flowers, but mixed with Black Cavendish and a blend of tropical fruit. Rich Blend
* Stagecoach Road- vanilla custard, Golden Cavendish and a blend of untreated tobaccos.
* Smokin’ Black Cherry- Unusual English Blend with an aroma of Latakia ascending over a subdued Black Cherry.
* Sundowner- A long time favorite. Mild blend of Dark and Golden Cavendish with Burley.
* Timberline Trail- Light Burley blend with cocoa and marshmallow
* Tundra Blend- Mild, Sweet Smoke with a hint of Latakia
* Wynbrier Special- A blend of 3 different toasted Black Cavendishes
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