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We also have these sculptures available and in stock now:

In His Prime (Moose) By Danny Edwards $130.00 Sku: 7332

High Chaparral (Deer) By Greg Peltzer $130.00 Sku: 5263

First Snow (Deer) By Stephen Herrero $59.00 Sku: 4409

Summit (Big Horn) By Joe Slockbower $47.00 Sku:3846

Vagabond (Wolf) By Stephen Herrero $47.00 Sku: 4403

Symmetry (Deer) By Stephen Herrero $59.00 Sku:440

Totem (Eagle) By Joe Slockbower $59.00 Sku:3872

We have more big pieces coming in the first week of December call us for more information.

Please Call Us for shipping information!!