Jon Stuart Anderson is simply the foremost polymer clay artist in the world today. His amazing technique has been honed by over a decade of hard work, creative vision and dedication to the art of polymer clay.

In creating his sculptures, Jon has mathematically fine-tuned engineering skills and ingenuity to produce pieces extremely intricate. He creates many of his own colors of clay and has invented many processes that have never been done with this clay.

Jon and his work are featured in the 1995 book, “New Clay”, and his work is available through select art galleries in North America.

An accomplished painter, sculpture and jewelry designer, Jon has lived among incredibly diverse cross sections of the world’s people, from Central America to the Far East, and his designs show the influences of classical Moorish motifs, Native American spirits, ancient petroglyphs, Celtic themes, and more.

Jon is fast becoming one of the most collectible artists of this medium. Currently living and creating on the island of Bali, Indonesia, Jon’s fascination with color, balance, design and form has led him to the absolute pinnacle of his chosen medium.