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Ken Richardson Knives

Ken Richardson is a retired professional horseshoer and blacksmith living in Davisville, MO. He began making knives out of old saws for friends who were trappers, hunters, and fishermen…in the Ozarks these are year around activities. It was never anticipated that these knives would become so popular. Now it is a full time job for the entire Richardson family. The old saws became hard to find, so Ken sent samples of the best of the old saws to several steel mills to be analyzed. Eventually, the exact metal was obtained, which is carbon 1085 Blue Tempered Spring Steel. The spring steel has all the qualities of the old saws…it’s springy, will not chip, and is easy to sharpen yet holds a very keen edge. The handles are made of shed whitetail, mule deer, and elk antler. This handcrafted knife will satisfy you in every way, every day.

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